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Types of On-line Lessons Available for Pilots


Private One-to-One / Pilot-to-Pilot Sessions

AESO offers specialised One-to-One lessons which are tailored to the pilot’s individual needs.

After subscribing to lessons, new students are invited to complete an optional free NAA (Needs Analysis Assessment) to help the trainer to identify their specific language needs and goals. In addition they are also offered an optional free DESA (Diagnostic English Skills Assessment). This assessment, if undertaken by the student, will help your trainer to quickly identify areas of weakness in your English skills as well as grammar.  The assessment is very helpful for your trainer to design a remedial English course that is specially tailored to your needs.

In One-to-One sessions student and trainer will begin with an informal chat usually focussed on your aviation activities in the recent past. (As these lessons are private. your trainer may interrupt the discourse occasionally to correct you on areas of weakness such as grammar, pronunciation etc.)

During the session, scenarios will be raised to focus on various phases of flight. In addition;

  • Radio phrases may be discussed and practiced.
  • IFR procedures such as SID’s, STAR’s ILS approach procedures may be discussed
  • Forecasts such as TAF’s, METAR’s and SPECI’s may be discussed and analysed
  • Needs for alternates may be considered or justified.
  • On occasions, meteorological phenomena such as; thunderstorms, jetstreams, wind-shear, icing, crosswind/downwind limitations etc. may be discussed.
  • Other factors such as; aircraft performance and operation, navigation, engine systems and instrumentation may be discussed.
  • Flight safety issues will be considered which may include a discussion about accidents or incidents and the lessons learned from such instances.
  • Description of images portraying normal and abnormal flying ops will be examined and discussed. For abnormal ops, non standard communication with ATC would therefore  be considered.
  • Your trainer recommends at least one Private 1-to-1 session per week if you would like to  noticeably increase your English Skills. 

AESO’s ‘Certificate of Participation in English Language Professional Development’  is awarded to all students who have taken the initiative to undertake ten sessions or more with AESO.  See the post on AESO Training Page for more details!

2. Crew Room  Group Sessions



“Crew Room” – Interesting Pilot Discussion Groups for Fluency Development

Targets ICAO Extended Level 5 and Expert Level 6


In most flight operations, the Crew Room is a place where pilots often get together and talk ‘aviation’.  AESO Crew Roomadopts this idea, giving students the opportunity to have a group chat about aviation topics! AESO Crew Room sessions are held on certain days each week at specific times. (Book ahead to secure a place during these sessions). Up to seven pilots may attend each session.  During these strictly English one hour sessions, your trainer will invite each pilot to introduce themselves. He will then raise an aviation topic which will be discussed during the session. The topics raised during these sessions will always cover interesting content such as safety issues, scenarios, accident/incident reports and findings, current aviation trends, aviation news etc. ‘Crew Room’ is a great way for pilots to meet other pilots in the ‘AESO Hangout’ Circle and discuss aviation topics in English. Enjoy discussing interesting topics with other professional pilots whilst practising your English!

Let your  Retired Airline Pilot friends know they are welcome to join  Crew Room’ sessions – Their vast experience and knowledge is something we can all learn from !

  • Crew Room operates with a minimum of 3 students and maximum of 7 students
  • Crew Room is not private one-to-one delivery. There is less emphasis on writing and reading skills  but more focus on developing fluency in speaking and improving listening skills. To assist with fluency in ‘Listen and Respond’, pre-learning can be very helpful to the student.  Students are encouraged to visit the ‘AESO Virtual Classroom’ at  Here, they will find a mini assignment that connects to the Session they will attend. The assignment introduces much of the vocabulary that will be raised in the session with short readings and even actual questions that the interlocutor will be asking. Visiting the AESO Classroom prior to the session is strongly recommended for all students.
  • Crew Room  discussions are a great way to develop your ‘listen and respond’ skills!
  • Crew Room Provides pilots with an excellent opportunity to communicate with other pilots in the English language on a wide range of topics. The trainer acts more as an interlocutor by introducing topics and eliciting opinions from the ‘AESO Hangout’ Circle of pilots, to keep the conversation alive.