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Method of lesson delivery



Paul's photo with AESO framed

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All lessons are delivered ‘face to face’ –  live on-line using the Google+ Plus – “Hangouts” platform.



  • All  AESO  members need to create a Google+ Plus Account


  •  Creating a Google+ account is easy and is FREE!    Just follow these 2 simple steps:


  1. Connect to Google+ Plus by downloading an account from this link: CLICK HERE    (Japanese  CLICK HERE )

  2. After booking and paying for your AESO sessions in advance, you will be invited to join the AESO ACTIVE CIRCLE on the day and the time you selected.  When you receive this invitation, simply accept it and you will be automatically loaded into the session you are booked in for.



Please note – Your invitation will be sent to you 5 minutes before starting time.  Please be ready 5 minutes before the session and accept the invitation as soon as possible.  THE SESSIONS MUST START ON TIME.  Please don’t be late!