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Cost of Training / Sessions




AESO One-to-One / Private lesson

1 session:                USD $75  /  1 hour session                                           ( Code: P121-1 )

5 sessions:              USD $350  /  5 x 1  hour session                                  ( Code: P121-5 )

10 Sessions:            USD $600 / 10 x 1 hour sessions                                 ( Code: P121-10 )

NAA (Needs Analysis Assessment) and DEGA (Diagnostic English Grammar Assessment) will be offered to you free of charge. Formative (On-going) Assessment and testing will also be provided free of charge.


AESO ‘Crew Room’ / Group session (3 to 6 pilots)

1 session:             USD $25               / 1 x 1 hour session                           ( Code: CR-1 )

5 sessions:            USD $112.50       / 5 x 1 hour session                           ( Code: CR-5 )

10 sessions:          USD $200            / 10 x 1 hour sessions                        ( Code: CR-10 )


Try us out‘ Special Offer!

Free mini Video-link session / (15 minutes)  –  Meet your trainer – Have a chat about the AESO Training program and decide for yourself ! If you decide to undertake AESO English training sessions or book in for ‘Crew Room’, an Application Package will be emailed to you.   (To arrange a free Video-link session see booking procedure on the next page).


You can pay for sessions on the ‘Pay for Sessions‘ page (Under ‘Make a Booking’ page)


Conditions of payment:

  • Please understand that all lessons/sessions must be paid for in advance
  • Bookings are only accepted for full 1 hour sessions / not ‘part there-of’.
  • Pre-booked lessons are generally non-refundable but  1 change to bookings can be made each month with a minimum 48 hours notice by email to: 
  • Bookings for sessions must be made at least 72 hours (3 days) ahead of the first booked session.
  • If  for any reason we have to cancel your lesson, you will notified by email immediately, and you will be refunded. – (Or if you choose, your lesson can always be rescheduled).