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AESO – Aviation English Skills On-line is based in Perth – Western Australia

Australasian Timezone: UTC+8


Telephone enquiries during normal business hours                                                         

(+61) 0423 985 387

  ( 0030 UTC  to 1400 UTC )




6 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Hello fellow Aviation enthusiasts. AESO commences operations in March 2014. Any questions? Like to book a free introductory 15 min session to try out AESO? Call me now. Cheers!

  2. This is a brand-new website. I’d love to hear from anybody who supports the type of training I am planning to deliver. If you have any ideas or suggestions or advice please post them here.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Just wanted to wish you all the best with this new endeavour. I know that your extensive experience as a pilot together with your years of teaching English to overseas students will combine to create an innovative and brilliant product which can only be beneficial to international pilots wishing to improve their conversational English.
    I’ve learned over the last 25 years as an airline pilot that good communication skills are the most important tool that a professional aviator can possess. Any course of study that seeks to improve the ability of international pilots to be able to communicate to each other and to air traffic control can only be good for Aviation and the safe enviroment we strive to operate in.
    All the best for success in the future.
    John Corley

    1. Thanks John for your kind comments. And congratulations for being the first person to post into this blog. Now I know it works. I really value your comments especially as you are an experienced Airline Pilot yourself and recognise the value of this training! It’s great to be able to fuse together my teaching and aviation experience at last. My focus as you know, has been on General English and Diploma of Business teaching in recent years – but I’m really looking forward to re-focussing on Aviation from this point. English training – discussing aviation topics. . . now that’s ‘my cup of tea’! Thanks again John and all the best!

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