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English Language Skills

Professional Development


Airline Pilots


AESO will help you to develop your English skills to:


  • Sharpen your speaking skills: Pronunciation, Intonation, Clarity, Accuracy, Speed of delivery – so others will find it easier to understand you


  • Cultivate your listening skills to better understand other pilots and ATCO’s on the radio


  • Have more confidence when speaking English to native speakers


  • Extend your vocabulary to develop your fluency


  • Express yourself more clearly and precisely in normal and abnormal flight operations


  • Develop all Aviation English Skills further; Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening


  • Increase your situational awareness both in the air and on the ground

FREE (optional) pre-session and after session homework is included!


AESO – Addressing ICAO Language

‘Proficiency Deficiency’


 TRADING AS: Aviation English Skills On-line      ABN: 45956954585   Trainer Qualifications; BScAviation degree ECU University No:960828

 ATPL (Australia): 157792      ESL CELTA Accreditation number: 100/2664/2 TAE: Training and Assessment Certification